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Welcome to the Golden Grove Pottery Painting Fundraising page.

THIS FUNDRAISING SESSION HAS ENDED - Watch for your items about 1 week after returning from Spring Break

Please read the important information below BEFORE clicking the link to purchase pottery items that your child will be able to paint at home.

Golden Grove is pleased to partner with Picasso's Creative Workshop. This project will not only benefit our school,  but it also gives the entire family the opportunity to have fun painting some adorable pottery at home over the Spring Break Vacation.  After Spring Break, your child will  bring  their painted pottery back to school  by Thursday, March 24th.  All pieces will  be  picked up at the school by Picassos  and brought  back to their  studio in Lake Worth.  The pottery will be  kiln fired and returned back to Golden Grove in about 1 week. 

Picasso's Creative Workshop is  proud to enrich the lives of the PBC School community, and one way we do that,  is by partnering with the schools through these types of fundraising events.  We know that through this project and many others, we are helping to create lasting memories and actual art that you and your children will treasure forever. 

This is a Fundraising Event for your school and a percentage of all sales will be going back to the Golden Grove PTO.

Click the pink link below to go to the online store and pick your pottery pieces. 

***IMPORTANT - when selecting your item(s) you will be prompted for Store Pickup or Deliver. Choose Store Pickup - BUT KNOW that we will bring the items to the school for your child to take home before spring break. You do NOT need to come to the store.*** 

**Please note:

You can buy as many items as you want.  The link below brings you to a sub section of our online store.  These items are setup to capture school, student, teacher, and glaze color options.  If you view other items on the site you will not have theses options, in that case at checkout, there  is an option to add an order note. There is where you can type in  your 5 colors, and student and teacher name. This is for any items chosen from any section other category then "School Item". 

You do not have to do anything else, except pay for the items you want.  The website default to store pickup for you, if not please select store pickup. You don't have to call us, or set up curbside pick up. All your pottery and supplies will be handed out to your child at Golden Grove Elementary on March 9th or 10th. 

ENDED! Sale ended.
Come paint at Picasso's

Come paint at Picasso's