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All in the Family

All In The Family

Brian (left) and Garrett with Brian's sister, Dawn Cobb, in front of a mural in the party room in Dawn's Hands-on Pottery studio in Fairfield, CT.

Picasso's Paint-Your-Own Pottery is the creative brain child of Lake Charleston residents Garrett Foster and Brian Murray, the original owners of Key West Crossing in Downtown Lake Worth. After selling Key West Crossing, Garrett and Brian imagined opening another business that would generate the same kind of excitement. Key West Crossing was colorful, fun, creative, whimsical and unexpected. It was the kind of place where everyone felt comfortable and welcome – and always left with a smile.

Although Garrett and Brian considered opening another ice cream store, they were interested in creating a business that was more interactive and would involve their artistic sides. As they looked around, they realized that many of the things that meant the most to them and which they had used every day for more than a decade were pieces that had been painted and fired at the two Hands-on Pottery studios that Brian's sister, Dawn Cobb, owns in Fairfield and Darien, CT.

With Dawn as an enthusiastic mentor, Garrett and Brian were off and running – and Picasso's was born! Through every detail of launching and running the business, the owners have been committed to the following: inspiring creativity in others, providing the kind of place that will make people excited to return (and tell all their friends about!),  and making this something that can be done on any budget.

Making Memories

These hand-painted ceramics inspired us to open Picassso's

All In The Family
All In The Family

Brian's sister Dawn made this mug for his birthday in 1999. It depicts things that are important to him. He drinks coffee from it every day!

All In The Family

This is one of Brian's favorite bowls, painted by his niece, Dana. After nine years, it finally chipped. Fortunately, it can be repaired easiy in our studio!

All In The Family

One of Dawn's stuido assistant painted this colorful and whimsical mermaid plate more than ten years ago. It receives daily use and still looks as beautiful as ever!

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