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Ignite Creativity and Unity at Our "Family Fun Ornament Paint Night"! 

Are you searching for a fundraiser that doesn't just meet your school's financial goals but also engages, entertains, and unites students and their families?

We have the solution you've been waiting for! Welcome to Picasso's Creative Workshop's "Family Fun Ornament Paint Night." Imagine an evening filled with laughter, artistry, and the warmth of togetherness.

Our unique event offers:

  • Step away from screens and into a world of artistic exploration. Every ornament becomes a canvas for your family's imagination.

  • With over 72 diverse designs to choose from, we cater to all backgrounds, ensuring every family feels welcome and appreciated.

  • Support for Your School: Raise vital funds to enrich your school's programs and provide opportunities for students' growth and development.

  • Each hand-painted ornament becomes a cherished keepsake, a testament to a night filled with love, creativity, and unity.

  • Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories and make a difference for your school. This event is not just about painting ornaments; it's about fostering connections, celebrating diversity, and building a stronger school community.

  • Picture the smiles on children's faces as they proudly present their artistic creations, the joy in parents' hearts as they witness their kids' creativity, and the unity that blossoms within your school community.

  • Ready to embark on this extraordinary journey with us? Contact Picasso's Creative Workshop today, and let's start planning your "Family Fun Ornament Paint Night." Our experienced team will work closely with your school to customize the event, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals, schedule, and budget.

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Book now and let's paint the town with creativity and unity!

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Call us now at 561-945-4207 or email us at to kickstart the most creative, inclusive, and unforgettable fundraiser your school has ever experienced.

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