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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Picasso's?

Picasso's is a welcoming paint-your-own pottery ceramics studio where anyone can experience the satisfaction and joy that comes from creating a true work of art. From kids activities to special events for adults, Picasso's is the #1 place for fun and creativity. Tour our studio.


What are your hours?

Our hours are listed at the bottom of every page.
*studio may close early for special events


Do I need a reservation?

Not at all! Reservations are required for special classes, events, workshops and groups of six or more.


Do I need to have experience?

Not at all. We have patterns, stencils, sponges  and stamps that can make anyone look like a pro. In addition, we have lots of photos and samples for inspiration, and our knowledgable staff is aways happy to help.


Is this just for kids?

Absolutely not. The benefits of painting pottery can be experienced by anyone from 5 to 105!  We have open painting time, classes, workshops, and special events and parties for both children and adults.


Can I special order bisque pieces?

Yes. Payment is required at time of order.

What can I paint?

We have hundreds of beautiful and functional pieces in a wide variety of styles and price points. We have plates, mugs, bowls, jewelry boxes, figurines, picture frames, candle holders, figurines, teapots, vases, knobs, plaques and more. You name it -- and we probably have it.


Will you custom paint a piece?

Yes – plus we can do custom lettering for a slight upchatge. Contact us for more details.


How long does the finishing process take?

Seven days is generally sufficient. Each step in the finishing process is important and takes time. The paint on the piece must dry thoroughly. Half of the piece is then dipped  in clear glaze and allowed to dry thoroughly. The other half of the piece is then dipped and allowed to dry. Our kiln heats up to 1,860 degrees, so we really are "firing" it. After firing, the kiln must cool to a relatively low temperature before we can open it. This can take 24 hours or more. Premature opening of the kiln can impair the quality of your ceramic work. After the kiln is opened, we must smooth any rough surfaces to prevent injury. Simply put, a quality product takes time.


Do your products contain lead?

No. Our paints and clear glazes are lead-free, non-toxic, food safe and environmentally sound.



Is it safe to eat off my piece?

All pieces painted with our standard paints are safe for eating. They are dishwasher safe as well. (Please note: We offer some additional painting techniques that can be used for display pieces only.)

Do the paints wash out of clothes?

A stain remover like Shout or Spray & Wash should remove paint from your clothes.


Can you come to me?

We are fully mobile and able to come to your school, party, office or other venue. Call for more details.

Do you host birthdays?

Yes, we specialize in parties of all kinds. For more information, visit our Parties page.


Do you offer camps and classes?

We offer a full calendar of kids activities, including summer camps and field trips, and also special events and workshops for adults. For more information, visit our Events page.

Do you work with any charities?

We Picasso's has great fundraiser ideas for any group, and any theme you can think of.  Please contact us for ways we can help your group, charity or non-profit organization reach its goals. Call 561-439-4000

Picasso's gift certificates are the perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day or just to say you care! Gift certificates can be purchased in any domination and come on a colorful hand-painted tile. There is no expiration date for when they can be used. Give them a gift they'll remember forever!

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